Product Spotlight: Mike’s Killer Moth 76-Shots XL Aerial Finale Set

Product Spotlight: Mike’s Killer Moth 76-Shots XL Aerial Finale Set

Agree or Disagree: Moths are alluring. Be it in science or art, they are beautiful creatures that aid in more than THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Maybe not so much MOTHRA, one of the notorious monsters that brings chaos around her. And maybe not even the supervillain KILLER MOTH… But, there is ONE moth that is both artistically beautiful, MORE powerful than them all, and bad to the bone!

It’s Mike’s spotlight of the week, the Killer Moth 76-Shots XL Aerial Finale Set! With up to 40 seconds of performance time, there are 2 XL aerials inside with each aerial containing 38 shots giving you a total of 76 shots.

“This is one of the most unique effects I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not just a new set of colors, or modified version of an existing effect. It’s something that actually creates art in the sky!” - Mike

The effects are hands down, Mike’s favorite element of the firework and HE believes it to be one of the most unique effects you could witness.

“This is a triple layer effect with a huge spread. It fills up the whole sky both up and down and to the side. The overall effect is something other companies might have, but ours is enhanced with unique details and brighter colors.” 9 vibrant colors that dance in the night sky paired with the triple effects layered on top of each other are sure to transport you to a new level of FIREWORKS bliss!

“This is an item that should be used as a centerpiece to be displayed alone. Don’t shoot it with other items or else the effect will get lost in the flood of other items.” - Mike

Just like flowers in the center table, or dessert after dinner, Killer Moth is meant to be a STANDALONE FOR ITS UNIQUE ARTISTRY OF EFFECTS for all eyes and ears to see! Fun for the family to share a beautiful memory or even a reunion of friends at a bonfire. Killer Moth removes the need of having to set up multiple aerials of various effects in an effort to light them all at once. Or close to once as one could get. Start making memories with your loved ones by finishing your performances with the Killer Moth! You won’t regret it. Check out the beautiful artwork and effects Mike praises so much! And I’m sure you WILL agree with him too. 

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