Canna-Box Unboxing with Mike!

Canna-Box Unboxing with Mike!

Yo, what's up my fellow smokers! If you're a fan of both cannabis and pyrotechnics, then you're in for a treat. Red Apple Fireworks® has just released its brand new Canna-Box™ Fireworks Sampler, and let us tell you, it's packed with some serious dank-ass Ganja® products. We're talkin' canister shells, aerials, fountains, and more - all infused with some top-quality Ganja®.


The best part? There are no seeds or stems to worry about, just pure high-quality Ganja® products. The colors and effects in this box are out of this world - blue, green, gold, neon red, neon yellow, orange, pink, purple, silver, sky blue, and white, with 11 different effects to choose from, including dandelions, palms, peonies, willow stars, and more.

Let's take a hit and check out what's inside this sampler. First up, we got the Item 9™ Canister Shells - 12 assorted canister shells that come in different colors and effects. These shells are perfect for those who love loud explosions and bright, vibrant colors.

Next, we got some really potent aerials. The Canna-Box™ has a bunch of 7-shot, 10-shot, 16-shot, and 19-shot aerials that come in different strains like Shark Attack™, Chemdawg™, Cannatonic™, and more. These bad boys shoot straight up, so you can see all the dope colors and effects.


For all you missile fans out there, we got two different strains of whistling missile barrages - the 200-shot Whistling Doobies™ and the 100-shot Whistle-Spliffs™. These missiles are super loud and will make your fireworks show lit AF.

If you prefer a chill vibe, the Canna-Box™ also includes five different fountains - Hibiscus Sunrise™, Blackberry Fire™, Candy Apple™, Sunshine Daydream™, and Juicy Fruit™. These fountains come in various colors and effects, and are sure to put on a mesmerizing performance!

Don't forget about the Phattie™ Roman Candle, a massive 100-shot barrage candle that will light up the night sky with an array of colors and effects.


Just when you think the Canna-Box™ is finished, we sparked your interest again by bringing three high-shot aerials. These 19-shot aerials are named Sensi Star™, Lifter™, and Blue Oyster™. They will surely leave you impressed with their unique effects and vibrant colors.

As we come to the end of the Canna-Box™, we're feeling pretty lifted after lighting up some amazing freshly rolled fireworks. Don't miss out on the fun, man! Visit or your nearest store to get your hands on the Canna-Box™ before it's gone.

Peace out, my dudes!


Want to see more? Click below to watch videos featuring more fireworks from our Ganja brand!


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