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For the ultimate — and supremely memorable — gender reveal, go for color smoke bombs. Gender reveal parties have become wildly popular for parents expecting their sweet bundle of joy. People have gotten increasingly creative in announcing whether their little one is a boy or girl, letting family and friends know in a special way. Now you can announce your baby's gender with a baby gender reveal smoke bomb!


In the late 2000s, expectant parents began setting up gender reveal parties — inviting friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors to their home or a special venue to learn the gender of the family's newest member. Families love this type of party to help them and their loved ones know how to plan for their baby's arrival, making it easier to buy gender-appropriate gifts. It also allows the parents to name the baby, adding a new dimension to the upcoming arrival.

Parents have gotten creative in planning for the parties' main event, but the best way to reveal the baby’s gender is a huge, whimsical, magical eruption of pink or blue smoke!

These days, many families are setting off a special color smoke bomb to indicate pink for a girl and blue for a boy with our line of smoke bomb fireworks! Would you like to add a smoke bomb gender reveal for your party?


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If you've ever been at a fireworks display that featured smoke bombs, you'll know how much fun they are for daytime or nighttime events. Traditional smoke bombs come in balls, tubes, fountains, and repeaters, offering plenty of variety that makes it clear that you don't need explosions in the sky to highlight a celebration. The beautiful and vibrant plumes add a magical touch to your special event. Smoke bomb effects offer up to a 20-minute smoke extravaganza, trailing smoke — and even confetti, if you'd like!

Savvy fireworks manufacturers started hearing the buzz about gender reveal parties and all the creative ways people deliver the news and thought they'd add a unique twist with color smoke bomb fireworks for the occasion. Our team at Red Apple Fireworks team love how our manufacturers think, staying tuned in to the latest trends and how people can include fireworks. We want to help you add fireworks to your most special of special occasions — and prime the next generation of pyros!

You can let everyone know the gender of your newborn in a puff of smoke! Light up the sky with streams of pink or blue smoke, giving everyone a shot to capture one-of-a-kind gender reveal photos to post on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.


You're in the perfect place to shop for and buy the perfect gender reveal smoke bombs for your party! At Red Apple, you can find the best baby gender reveal smoke bombs to celebrate your little miracle.

If you're expecting a little girl, you can buy a case of our highly popular Pink Smoke gender reveal kit, packed with 72 smoke bombs and two smoke tubes. If a little boy is on the way, go with a case of the Cannon Mammoth Smoke Bomb in Blue, featuring six boxes with each containing 24 smoke tubes for an awesome total of 144 smoke bombs for the big occasion.


Our Red Apple team believes in safety as much as spectacle, so we ensure that all our fireworks are safe with our manufacturers' guarantees and according to the testing criteria set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

We do offer our own special tips to ensure fireworks safety for your event, including:

  • Wear safety goggles, earplugs, and gloves.
  • Perform a safety check on all your equipment, such as your pyrotechnics lighter and your fire extinguisher.
  • Choose an isolated clearing with plenty of space to set off the smoke bombs without any risk of coming near people or sparking a fire.
  • Put your smoke bomb launch tubes on a steady surface to allow mortars to shoot straight up to the sky.
  • Light only one type of firework per tube, meaning no mixing smoke bombs with other fireworks types.
  • Use a light to see the fuse at night.
  • Keep the packaging for your smoke bombs, so you can follow the instructions to the letter.


Image of pink and blue smoke rising

Not even close! We have plenty of additional gender reveal fireworks you can use at your event. We offer other pink and blue fireworks with our sparklers, mortars, and aerials:

We sell lots of sparklers for weddings, so gender reveals are the next natural progression for these handheld classics. Mortars are among the top classic aerial fireworks displays, going off with a bang and ending with a spectacular light show. Our aerial cakes are fun and offer your guests a memorable spectacle as they go off, fused and creating a chain reaction of sight and sound. Just filter by color and bam — gender reveal fireworks extravaganza!


We're excited for you and want to help you welcome the new addition to your family! We believe our smoke bomb gender reveal fireworks and other fireworks are perfect for your event, adding a lively poof of excitement to the occasion that everyone will love and remember. Best of all, it will all make for a memorable day that you can share with your boy or girl via video as they get older. They'll love it as much as you, your family, and your friends do! Once you decide what you want to order online, you can request to have it delivered to your door or pick it up at your location of choice.

If you need help making a selection, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Help Center. And don’t forget to check out what our customers say about us!

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