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Sky Spinners

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Bulk Spinner Fireworks in Every Shape, Size and Color

When you are making a fireworks order, you want to be sure to pick up a wide variety of pyrotechnics to excite and dazzle friends, family and other onlookers. It’s a good thing Red Apple Fireworks has a suite of firework options to fit every occasion — and every budget! Buying in bulk is an excellent way to boost your firework stash, and on our site, you can find all manner of fireworks from different manufacturers around the world, to include popular name brands. Even better, we’ll ship your order right to your door!

A must-have in any fireworks stockpile is sky spinner fireworks, which whirl around as they shoot up and off into the air. Our sky spinners come in all different shapes, so you can buy a spinner that matches your favorite flying thing — and if you need help making a decision, our customer service team is always standing by to assist through our Help Center.

What are Sky Spinners?

Spinner fireworks tend to be shaped like disks and spin as they shoot off colorful sparks and smoke. Sky spinners, or aerial spinners, take spinners to the next level: With specially angled fins, sky spinner fireworks leave the ground and shoot into the sky, leaving a twirling tail of light as they go. Sky spinners are an excellent choice when you want your firework show to have plenty of energy.

Red Apple offers an assortment of sky spinners in different shapes and themes, so you can find a spinner that suits your style and taste. What better way to celebrate a space-themed birthday party than with spaceship and satellite spinner fireworks?

How does a Sky Spinner work?

Spinners direct the force of their pyrotechnics through angled channels out of a central disk. As the sparks shoot out, they turn the disk in a circle, causing it to whirl and spin. Sky spinners take the extra step to angle the force downward, and they have fins and wings to stabilize themselves as they ascend off the ground. Different styles of spinner fireworks will reach different heights, and some spinners explode when they reach their peak, which makes for an even greater thrill!

How do you use Sky Spinners?

The safest way to light a sky spinner firework is to place the pyrotechnic in an open outdoor clearing, where you will be able to watch the firework’s ascent and descent without obstruction; you don’t want any trees or bushes around where the firework could get stuck. You light the fuse and stand back — and you’ll see a fun display of light and movement!

For more information about how to use fireworks safely, you can always visit the Fireworks Information Center from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What are the best Sky Spinners to buy?

The best sky spinner fireworks are the ones that you most love to light up and watch! Red Apple’s low, bulk prices make it easy to get an array of spinners to try out, so you know exactly which brand and style suits your needs best. Every Red Apple product is high-quality, but you can always sort by brand name, effect, color and more to find the spinner fireworks most likely to make you smile.