Standard Finale Sets® (Up to 1200 Grams)

Standard Finale Sets® (Up to 1200 Grams)

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Every fireworks show needs a grand finale. With Standard Finale Sets from Red Apple, you can achieve an exciting ending to blow your audience away. Whether you plan to dazzle friends and family or create a display for your township, our fireworks finale sets provide the performance of a lifetime.

Our Standard Finale Sets

Our standard aerial cakes contain up to 200 grams of pyrotechnic powder, delivering a breathtaking explosion of colors and effects that thrills and inspires audiences for miles. Standard Finale Sets paint the night sky in vibrant colors ranging from neon pink and green to sky blue and gold. 

Our finale sets are available in dozens of mind-blowing explosive effects, such as rapid-fire, comet, strobe, bouquet and many more. With a fun and funky array of fireworks finale sets, like Patient Zero, Platinum Circus and Sushi, you'll surely find the one that excites your inner pyrotechnician. 

All Standard Finale Sets range from loud to very loud, with display levels from low to high. 

Light Up the Sky With Our Standard Fireworks Finale Sets

For a glorious explosion of skyward sparks that will energize your audience, consider standard fireworks finale sets from Red Apple. We're crazy about fireworks — that's why we handcraft our own brands to meet our sky-high standards. Our team makes sure all our fireworks produce a fun result for all.

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