XL® Aerial Cakes (Up to 500 Grams)

XL® Aerial Cakes (Up to 500 Grams)

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Buy Massive 500 Gram Cakes in Bulk for Your Sky Show

The key to putting together the perfect fireworks display is finding an undeniably dazzling aerial repeater sequence to keep everyone ooh-ing and ah-ing. These 500 gram cakes are huge packs of tubes, typically with great variety of aerial explosions that are perfect for a mid-show pick-me-up or an unforgettable finale.

As a family company, Red Apple Fireworks is committed to keeping prices low and quality high, so you can put together the fireworks display of your dreams. Our products are sourced from top brands and manufacturers around the world, and they are delivered right to your door. You can trust that every pyrotechnic you purchase from us has been thoroughly tested for quality and safety. If you have any questions or concerns about 500 gram cakes or any other Red Apple product, you can reach out via our customer support or check in with our Help Center.

What are Aerial Cakes?

Sometimes called “repeater fireworks” or “multi-shot aerial fireworks,” cakes are pyrotechnics that contain a number of aerial fireworks all connected by the same fuse. This makes it easy for a pyrotechnician — i.e. you — to set off a complete display without running back and forth between the launch site and the viewing site. Most cakes contain a variety of effects, which makes for more interesting and exhilarating shows.

Red Apple offers cakes in a range of sizes, from as small as 200 grams to as large as 500 grams. Larger cakes will generate larger explosions, which tend to be better for shock and amazement. Our aerial cakes are among our more popular products because they are so vibrant and big, helping you celebrate and appreciate the important occasions in your life.

What are 500 Gram Cakes?

500 gram cakes are aerial cake fireworks that contain 500 grams of powder. This is an especially large amount of powder for fireworks, which means these cakes boast more light, color and sound than other aerial cakes you can find on our site. We highly recommend reserving a few 500 gram cakes for your finale, when they will make the biggest impact and bring the biggest smiles.

If you aren’t sure whether you are ready for 500 gram cakes, you can peruse our selection of 200 gram cakes (which are the standard size for aerial cakes) or 350 gram cakes (which are considered large repeater fireworks). You can also talk to our customer service representatives for more information.

Are Cake Fireworks safe?

The most important rule of thumb when working with pyrotechnics is to read all associated instructions before you start. You might also look into the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines for using fireworks safely and avoiding injury.

That said, all products available from Red Apple Fireworks are designed with safety in mind, and they are rigorously tested to ensure high quality. You can trust that the 500 gram cakes you purchase from Red Apple will meet any safety standard — and they should exceed your expectations, to boot.

What are the best 500 Gram Cakes?

Red Apple has so many amazing options in its 500 gram cake category that you might feel spoiled for choice. Fortunately, thanks to our low bulk pricing, you can purchase a number of options to see which ones fit best into your fireworks displays. If you do need more direction, we strongly recommend filtering your search by brand name or sorting by popularity, and if all else fails, you can always contact our customer support for guidance.