Large Aerial Cakes (Up to 350 Grams)

Large Aerial Cakes (Up to 350 Grams)

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Stock up on 350 Gram Cakes for a Bigger, Better Fireworks DisplayTLE

You don’t want to disappoint with your fireworks display, which is why you need at least a few 350 gram cakes integrated into your next sky show. Not as small as the standard aerial firework but not as big as the booms you want in your finale, 350 gram cakes make for an excellent start to a show or some mid-show excitement.

You will always be satisfied by 350 gram cakes purchased from Red Apple Fireworks. Our family-owned company has been playing with pyrotechnics since 1979, so we know exactly which products our customers will love. When you take advantage of our bulk pricing online, we will ship your fireworks right to your door — and if you have any questions or concerns about your order, you can always contact our caring customer support or visit the Help Center for more information.

What are Aerial Cakes?

Sometimes called aerial repeaters, these fireworks are packaged in sequence with a single fuse, so when you ignite the fuse, you can sit back and enjoy the show without dashing around to light more fireworks. In the industry, we like to call these pyrotechnics “cakes” because the tubes of powder are arranged into a rectangle or square, like a sheet cake.

Red Apple’s aerial cakes are organized by size, which is helpful in ensuring your sky show has a range of different blasts and booms. The standard size of aerial cake is 200 grams, which means the pyrotechnic contains 200 grams of powder inside. Our 350 gram cakes are slightly larger for a bit larger thrill, and we also sell 500 gram cakes, which are the biggest sky fireworks you can buy.

How do you use 350 Gram Cakes?

Setting off an aerial cake firework could not be easier. In an open, outdoor area free from obstructions or debris, you should place your 350 gram cakes and ignite the fuse — ideally while wearing safety gear like goggles and gloves. Then, you should step back and enjoy the show! Because the fireworks are packaged in sequence, once fuse will set off the entire cake, giving you plenty of time to ooh and ahh over the beautiful lights, colors and sounds.

While all Red Apple Fireworks products adhere to strenuous manufacturing and packaging guidelines to keep them safe, you should always take extra safety precautions when enjoying your own pyrotechnics show. You can learn more about what you can do to keep your friends and family safe from the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Fireworks Information Center.

What are the best 350 Gram Cakes?

When it comes to fireworks, “best” depends largely on what you and your audience enjoy most. By default, our 350 gram cakes are sorted by most popular, so you can see what other pyros like you prefer when it comes to this size of aerial cake. However, you can also filter your results by brand name, by color, by effect and by sound, or you can sort the 350 gram cakes by price if budget is a major factor for you. Fortunately, because Red Apple offers bulk pricing, you can get way more bang for your buck by ordering from us!