What's up, party people! We're back with a massive store tour for 2024, and we're about to bring you some incredible deals. Join CEO Doug for an exclusive tour of our store and discover the hottest fireworks in stock and epic sales you won't find anywhere else! Get ready to elevate your summer nights with our amazing collection of fireworks. From Finale Sets® to Reloadable Canister Shells, we've got everything you need to light up your 4th of July and beyond! But wait, there's more! During our exclusive store tour, we're also offering some fantastic deals that will make your wallet happy! Whether you're looking for a few sparklers or some massive aerial displays, we've got you covered with our No B.S. Pricing!



Drop the mortar into the tube, light the fuse, jog to safety — boom! The show has begun! Reloadable shell kits, also known as mortar fireworks, provide that nostalgic experience you’ve grown to love. Our mortar fireworks kits include launch tubes and high-quality shells for jaw-dropping pyrotechnic displays. Ignite the night one-by-one, or string mortar fireworks together for a pop-pop-pop of a skyward spectacle!

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It’s all about the finale. We’ve curated these finale fireworks sets — an exclusive Red Apple Fireworks collection — so novices and seasoned pyros alike can put on the greatest fireworks shows around. Our aerial finale sets include cases of multi-shot aerial cake repeaters, launching dazzling explosions high in the sky. Think of it as a fireworks show in a box: light them off one after another, or all at once for an unforgettable pyrotechnic display.

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Captivate your audience with an exciting medley of sights and sounds with Red Apple’s fireworks assortments and samplers. The explosive fun keeps on, one after another, as you ignite the sampler set piece by piece, wowing your guests with your pyrotechnic mastery. You’ll find family pack fireworks assortments for any budget and any occasion. Sort by category, brand, color, effect, and more for the perfect pyro extravaganza. Get ready to set off the night in style!

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A staple for any fireworks extravaganza, XL aerial cake fireworks, also known as multi-shot aerial repeaters, burst into the sky with even more vibrant colors, captivating sparkles, and the beloved crack-whistle-boom. Larger than our standard offerings, these impressive displays consist of multiple tubes bundled together in one large square 'cake,' requiring only one fuse to ignite a spectacular show.

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A mainstay for any fireworks celebration, aerial cake fireworks — also known as multi-shot aerial repeaters — launch into the sky with vibrant colors, mesmerizing sparkles, and the crack-whistle-boom the crowd loves. Containing multiple tubes packaged together in one square ‘cake,’ these self-contained fireworks shows only need one fuse to set off an incredible display.

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Fun for beginners and expert pyros alike — and a beloved tradition — Roman candles ignite the sky with balls of fire, sparkling stars, and iridescent trails. At Red Apple Fireworks®, it’s as easy to buy roman candles online as it is to set ‘em up and light ‘em off. Browse by color and effect, or by diameter, with roman candles ranging from a quarter-inch up to an XL® 1-inch or more. Want the ultimate Roman candle? Go for the multi-shot Barrage!

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Basically a rocket without a stick! Missiles are devices that shoot aerial effects up in a spray pattern - you'll love the glitters, crackers, and bangs. They can be single shot devices that look like rockets with fins, or be shot off from multiple tubes with a rapid-fire battery of shots. Another way to captivate your audience, everyone is fascinated once that fuse is lit! Sensational addition to your sky show!

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Buy firecrackers of all kinds right here! Kids and adults alike love the classic BANG! BANG! BANG! Just like a potato chip, you can’t have just one. From packs of 50 to 16,000 firecrackers, there’s plenty of fun packed in every roll! Shop firecrackers for sale in bricks, rolls, strips, or single pieces. Light the fuse and RAT-A-TAT-TAT. Looking for something special? Check out firecrackers with colored smoke — and even ones that burn underwater!

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Entertain your guests with fountain fireworks of all shapes, sizes, and colors — even daytime fountains and confetti fountains! You’ll hear plenty of ‘oooohs!’ and ‘aaaahs!’ from your guests as sparkling fountains burst with color and sound in the night (or day) air. Ground effect multi-shot repeaters emitting an infinite number of effects, fountains are always a great part of any fireworks show. Our huge selection of fountain fireworks includes options at every price point.

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Just as exciting in your backyard as in a premier fireworks show, bottle rocket fireworks are timeless pyro accessories for any event or occasion. Buy bottle rockets in bulk — with massive savings — at Red Apple®, and be stocked for whatever fun life throws your way! Light ‘em up one at a time, all lined up, or any way you like to add extra sound and spectacle with that classic whoosh-whiz-bang and trail of sparks. Buy bottle rocket fireworks online with shipping right to your door!

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From the classics you grew up with to our own crazy innovations, we’ve got the novelty fireworks you love — snap pops, sparklers, flame-throwing dinos, explosive dragons, you name it! These handheld, ground effect fireworks are the perfect party favor to get the crowd lit up or liven up a low-key backyard barbecue. Let your playful pyro heart run wild — load up on all your favorites!

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Where can you buy sparklers online? Right here! Glittering, shimmering, shining --sparkling! These handheld favorites twinkle and glow as you trace shapes in the air and watch in awe at the flickering, sizzling end. From traditional sparklers perfect for kids’ hands, to giant 36” waterfall sparklers that stake in the ground, you can bring everyone’s favorite pyro action to any occasion.

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