Yo! Doug here, CEO of Red Apple®, ready to blow your mind with the top STRANGEST fireworks for 2024! These quirky wonders are the ultimate game-changers, turning any night from 🔥 to 🤯 in seconds. We’ve scoured our stash to bring you the most bizarre, jaw-dropping fireworks that will make your celebrations unforgettable. Whether you're hosting an epic party or just kicking back in the backyard, these unique picks are guaranteed to make you say "what the heck!". Trust us, you don’t wanna miss out on these weird, mind-bending fireworks that will make you the pyro wizard of the neighborhood.


UFO Attack!™ XL® Aerial Finale Set® with Flying UFOs!

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COLOR-CHANGING Chroma® 5-Inch XL® Canister Shells

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Sizzlin' Sparkle Sticks™ Neon Fuse Sparklers

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Smokeshow™ Daytime XL® Aerials

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Esqueletos Explosivos™ Standard Aerials

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Banshee™ XL® Aerials

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Roaring Tiger™ XL® Rockets

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Cali Star™ Whistling Fountains

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Geisha® Platinum® Willow Ball Shells

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Bankroll™ Standard Aerial

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Killer Moth™ XL® Aerial Finale Set®

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TRIPS™ Triple Break Ball Shells

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VOLT™ Compound™ Cake

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Bonsai™ XL® Aerial Finale Set®

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Screaming Pixel™ Rockets

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