Set Off The New Year with Grande Booms!

Set Off The New Year with Grande Booms!

Hey, #PyroSquad™! Get ready to #SETOFFTHENEWYEAR™ with GRANDE BOOMS™! New Year's Eve is right around the corner and we're super psyched to head into 2022 with you! This is one of our favorite holidays (right after the 4th of July, of course) and there is NO better way to celebrate than with super-bright bangs and even louder booms! All while firing off Red Apple®'s finest that we know will #RockYourBlock®!

We're gettin' prepped for NYE & it's gonna be absolutely amazing! Here's a quick sneak-peek at the awesome stuff headed your way:

  • New Product Dropz™
  • New sales & specials
  • All-new, handpicked Pallet Loads™
  • Live-streamed store tours
  • Live-streamed firework shoots
  • Giveaways & raffles 

We love celebrating and we love celebrating with our amazing Red Apple® brand fireworks even more. So as we march into the holiday season, make sure you spend some time with your families and loved one. That's important. But then, break out the fuse, rip open a fresh roll of tape, ignite your torch & fill the skies with BOOMS!

Some of your favorite fireworks are almost sold out! Shop our new Almost Gone section & get stocked up! Shop now

The time is NOW to load up for NYE! Avoid shipping delays & sold out fireworks! Order now & get your fireworks shipped right to your door or to a Stash House™ near you! Make sure you're stocked, locked and ready to rock to make NYE 2021 the most epic fireworks show! Get the deets about getting your fireworks shipped! Click here for shipping info.

Shopping at our Pahrump, NV location? The shoot site will be open for 4 days for New Year's Eve! Load it up & then light it up!

Get ready to #Setoffthenewyear™, #Pyrosquad™! We'll see you soon!

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