Get ready for an incredible display of tons of F#@&ING ROCKETS! Jeremy and Ross are back with a vengeance, and their rocket barrage (or rocket volley) game has been taken to a whole new level. They're determined to #BRINGTHEBOOM™, and nothing, and we mean NOTHING will get in their way!


What is a rocket volley, you ask? Well, let us tell you: it's the stuff of legends! A rocket volley is a barrage of rockets that shoot off into the sky all at once, creating a boomin’ visual and auditory experience that will leave you with stars in your eyes. And here's the twist: Ross and Jeremy are fusing up 80 rockets to all launch together!

For this epic rocket volley, Ross picked the Rock-Catz™ XL® Rockets with gold, green, purple, and red colors, and silver rising tails. Meanwhile, Jeremy went with the Warp™ XL® Rockets, which have crackling tails with blue, green, purple, and silver stars. These guys mean business!

But will it work? That's the million-dollar question. Both pyro-pros know from their past experience that when it comes to creating a rocket volley, preparation is key. They made sure to get all the necessary materials: Super-Fast™ fuse, masking tape, and a custom-built 25-shot rack to hold the rockets.

Their only setback? The rockets don't have wings, so they have to face the unpredictability of their path of travel. This means their path of travel is decided by the direction the rocket is leaning in before lift off. Luckily, the shooting rack provides stability to help with trajectory. Nothing can stop these pyros from getting #litAF™!

As soon as they arrive at their secret desert location with the two cases, they start unboxing and removing the fuse covers off all the rockets. They use fuse and tape to secure the rockets together and then attempt to light them up.

And here... we... gooooo! The 80 pre-fused rockets launch into the night sky in a matter of seconds. And holy S#!T it was absolutely epic! Ross & Jeremy's determination and hard work paid off in BOOMS, resulting in a stunning display of synchronized rockets going off almost instantaneously.

Although they admit there's room for improvement, there's no denying that their second attempt at the rocket volley was a huge success. They've set the bar high for their future endeavors, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Stay lit and we'll catch you on the flip side. Peace out #Pyrosquad!

Buckle up, folks, and get ready for more explosive fun with the Pyro-Squad!

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