Red Apple® Fireworks Takes over the Las Vegas Lights FC

Red Apple® Fireworks Takes over the Las Vegas Lights FC

Two worlds are colliding in the dopest way possible, #Pyrosquad™! That's right, every Nevadan's favorite USL soccer (or futbol, or even football) team, the Las Vegas Lights FC! That's right boys and girls, your friends at Red Apple® are taking over the stadium for the Friday, June 11th LV Lights game against San Antonio FC. Annnnnd, get this... we're performing the half-time fireworks spectacular!

So if you got to the game to cheer on our hometown heroes, you get to see them whip on San Antonio AND get an epic firework show at half-time. Come on, there's not too many things cooler than that!

Catch every moment of spectacular soccer and fantastic fireworks, all while spending time with family and friends. We see this as a complete win-win for everyone! We'll see you at Sam Boy Stadium on June 11th, #Pyrosquad™!

For further details on the LV Lights FC, click HERE and for updates on Red Apple®'s June Boom® Sales, click HERE!

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