Pahrump Shoot Site for NYE!

Pahrump Shoot Site for NYE!

What's good, #PyroSquad™? Since 2022 is knockin’ on the door, we wanted to get you the 4-1-1 how to shoot fireworks at our awesome Shoot Site in Pahrump, Nevada!

The first step? Stock up NOW with 190+ NYE Specials that are sure to #RockYourBlock® as you get ready to #SETOFFTHENEWYEAR™! Shop early & stock up to avoid shipping delays & sold out fireworks!

Once you have your stash ready to light up, it's time to know where to light up and when. That's where the Pahrump Shoot Site comes into play, and quite beautifully, we might add! Make sure to check out the Shoot Site website HERE if you have any further questions after reading this blog.

Now, we are ready to drive into the info and get you ready for NYE! Our fireworks Shoot Site is located at 3770 Fox Ave, Pahrump, NV 89048 at the corner of Fox Ave and Gamebird Rd.

Pahrump Fireworks Shoot Site Details:

  • The site is open to the public, but you're going to need a permit for entry. You can purchase one in-store at Red Apple® In Pahrump. 
  • It will get cold at night in the desert (yes, even in Nevada), so don't forget to bring layers to stay comfortable & warm 
  • There are portable toilets on site 
  • There are multiple launch pads 
  • Only 2 people allowed at each launch pad 
  • This means that usage time my be limited 
  • The parking lot is both fenced in and well lit

The 2022 NYE shooting dates & times are:

  • December 26 - December 27, 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • December 30 - December 31, 5:00 PM - Midnight
  • The town of Pahrump controls the site, they may change hours without notice, or close the site for any reason, including inclement weather.

We hope to see you at the Shooting Site to celebrate 2022! Happy New Year's and we'll catch you soon, #PyroSquad™!

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