Must-Have Fountain Fireworks for 2024!

What's poppin', firework fam? Doug here, CEO of Red Apple® Fireworks, ready to light up your world with the must-have fountains for 2024! These fountains are the ultimate game-changers, turning any night from 🔥 to 🌟 in seconds. We’ve dug deep into our stash to bring you the most epic, jaw-dropping fountains that will make your celebrations unforgettable. Whether you're throwing a huge bash or just chillin' in the backyard, these picks are guaranteed to dazzle and amaze. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss out on these firework faves that will make you the king of the neighborhood.


Tiger's Roar™ XL® Fountain

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Ice Cream Cone® Fountains

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#LITMAS™ Tree Fountain

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Killer Taco™ Fountains

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Phazer Beam™ Handheld Fountains

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Rainbow Pinwheel™ Fountain

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Popcorn® Fountains

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Bad Apple™ Fountains

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Lucky Koi™ Fountains

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Ice Cream Shop™ Handheld Fountains

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Pixel Mine™ Standard Fountains

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Super Tank™ Fountain

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Spinning Skull Flower™ Fountains

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Silver Spiral™ Fountains

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Strobe Fountains

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