Fuse a 2,000 Gram XL Fireworks Finale Set with Mike & Jeremy

Fuse a 2,000 Gram XL Fireworks Finale Set with Mike & Jeremy

What's up, Pyrosquad™? Are you ready to ignite the night sky with explosive excitement? It's your boy Mike from Red Apple® Fireworks, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to one of the most explosive items in our lineup - the Spectrum™ 192 shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®!

This Aerial Finale Set® has everything you need to upgrade your show or party. With four incredible XL® Aerials, each featuring 48 shots, the set delivers a mind-blowing 192 shots in total! You can expect jaw-dropping effects, vibrant neon colors, rapid-fire shots, and built-in finales that will shake the ground. Trust me, this show is going to be #LITAF™!

So, let me break it down for you - the Spectrum™ XL® Aerial Finale Set® brings together the best of the best. It features two awesome XL® Aerials from Brothers Pyrotechnics and two exclusive XL® Aerials from Red Apple® Fireworks. And the best part? Each of the four cakes has a one-inch tube caliber, which means it's going to be BOOMTASTIC!

You'll get up to 240 seconds of performance time if you light each item one after the other. However, if you fuse them all together and light them up at once, you're looking at a whole minute of pure sky-puke AWESOMENESS! This set has an EARSPLITTING very loud volume level with three display levels - low, mid, and high. That means you'll get an incredible mine, a stunning tail, and a sky-breaking high-level display from each of the four cakes!

In the mood for some serious fusing action? We've got our very own Jeremy here to bring on the heat! He's pulling off a line fuse like a pro, using our Red Apple® Super-Fast Fuse, which burns at a mind-blowing speed of less than two seconds per foot - can you believe it?

Once we're done, this finale set is ready to light up the desert like nobody's business! Of course, safety is always a top priority. So, we always make sure to add some Safety Fuse to the end of the Fast Fuse to make sure we have enough time to get away.

There you have it, Pyrosquad™ - the Spectrum™ 192 shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®! If you're looking for the ultimate showstopper, this is it! And if you loved this performance, be sure to check out our Night Drive™ and Cash Money™ from our Signature Series® lineup. Head over to Red Apple® Fireworks and witness the magic for yourself. Let's LIGHT IT UP and make this night one to remember!

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