Hey, firework squad! Ready to light up the night with some seriously epic red, white, and blue vibes? 🌟 Check out our latest blog where we break down the most fire patriotic fireworks from Red Apple! Whether it's the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or you just wanna flex your love for the USA, we've got the perfect Rad, White, and Blue™ BOOMS to make your celebration totally #litAF™! 🔴⚪🔵


#litAF®! XL® Aerial Finale Set®

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American Glory® XL® Aerial Finale Set®

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Liberty Bazookas™ Barrage Candle Finale Set®

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KA-KAW!™ Red, White & Blue Barrage Finale™

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Sparkle Sticks™ 36 Inch Metal Sparklers

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'Merican Sparkle Sticks™

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American Glory® 7" Red, White & Blue Canister Shells

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Thank You For Your Service!™ Large Aerial Finale Set®

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Super Carrier™ XL® Aerials

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