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Salute USA Assortment Sky Show Sampler (case)-


Inside this sampler case is 6 individual sampler boxes with an assortment of Aerials, Shells, and Fountains! Learn more

Delivery + Store Pickup
Ship to a Stash House™/terminal near you (Ship and Pickup)

Our most popular option! We'll pack & ship your order almost anywhere in the USA to a shipping terminal closest to your address. It usually takes 8 to 12 days for your order to arrive at the Stash House™ once it leaves our warehouse. The Stash House™ will call you to schedule your pickup once it arrives. Then you'll head over to the Stash House™, pickup your order & go have some fun! Learn more

Ship to your home (Home Delivery)

Have your fireworks shipped directly to your home! This option is best if you want the convenience of home delivery, do not have access to a larger vehicle or don't live near a Stash House™. It usually takes 9 to 12 days for your order to arrive at your house once it leaves our warehouse. Prepare for your fireworks delivery by making room for a big 'ol truck that will be dropping off your order!

In-Store Pickup | Always free

It's as easy as click...BOOM™! Pick which Red Apple® store you want to pickup at, pick the fireworks you want, choose a pickup date & that's that! We'll let you know as soon as your order is ready & your fireworks will be waiting for you when you arrive! Learn more

Please note: The soonest you can pick up your in-store order is 24 hours after you make your online order. This allows our hard working warehouse team the time they need to properly pick and prepare your order for pick up at any of our store locations.

Other Commonly Asked Questions
Why Buy Fireworks by the Case?

Buying fireworks by the case not only saves you money because you’re buying in bulk, it also gives you more bang for your buck!

Can I Buy Individual Units Instead of Fireworks by the Case?

Yes! Visit any of our stores in-person to buy individual units of fireworks.

Is There a Minimum Order Amount?

No, there is no minimum order amount but if your cart contains $999 or more your shipping rates are reduced considerably!

How Do I Track My Order?

After we ship your fireworks, we will provide you with a link to track your order online.

What does it look and sound like?



what does it do?

Get ready to ignite your patriotic spirit with our Salute USA Assortment Sky Show Sampler®! This is not your average Sampler® Case, folks! It's packed with six (6) individual boxes that will light up the sky with the most spectacular fireworks you've ever seen! Each box has a unique assortment of Aerials, Shells, and Fountains that will make your heart race with excitement! From the stunning gold, green, and red colors to the powerful effects like Palm and Pistil, Crackling, Pearls, and Whistling, this sky show Sampler® has it all! So grab your friends and family, turn up the tunes, and let our Salute USA Assortment Sky Show Sampler® take your celebration to the next level! Don't settle for ordinary fireworks, let us make your party unforgettable! Order now and get ready to salute the USA in style!

What are the tech specs?