Are Fireworks Legal in Michigan?

Mostly! Michigan allows the purchase and use of fireworks, but you do have restrictions around where (and which fireworks) you can enjoy. It all can get a little confusing, which is why we’ve broken down the laws to keep you safe, having fun, and compliant when purchasing fireworks online.

A crowd standing in front of fireworks

Where Are Fireworks Legal in Michigan?

In general, anyone who is 18 years of age or older can launch fireworks in Michigan—as long as they’re launched on private property. (Think: your home, or a friend’s home who’s given you explicit permission). Fireworks may never be launched from public property.

What Fireworks Are Legal in Michigan?

Lots! While there are restrictions, legal consumer fireworks in the state include:

1. Novelty and low-impact fireworks: this includes sparklers, firecrackers, and other novelty fireworks.

2. Consumer "Safe and Sane" fireworks: to access these types of fireworks, you need to buy them from a licensed retailer who has a permit from the US Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fireworks, and Explosives

In addition to all novelty and low-impact fireworks, legal consumer fireworks include:

  • Roman candles
  • Missile rockets
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Releadlable shells
  • Sparklers
  • Spinners
  • Helicopters
  • Firecrackers
  • Snaps
  • Wheels

Note: Consumer fireworks in Michigan can only contain shells and fragments no larger than 1.75 inches, and cannot contain any more than 60 grams of material. While the vast majority of fireworks you can purchase online meet these parameters, double check to be safe!

When Are Fireworks Legal in Michigan?

Consumer fireworks are legal in Michigan on a few key days:

  • December 31 until 1am on January 1
  • The Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day until 11:45pm
  • June 29 to July 4 until 11:45pm
  • July 5 (only if it falls on a Friday or Saturday) until 11:45pm
  • The Saturday and Sunday before Labor Day until 11:45pm

You also need to check with local ordinances and HOAs in your area to see if there are any other restrictions you need to follow.

Where Can I Buy Fireworks in Michigan?

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