Large Finale Sets (Up to 1400 Grams)

Large Finale Sets (Up to 1400 Grams)

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If you’re crazy about fireworks, you know that bigger is better. If your friends or neighbors expect a spectacular show this year, you can up the ante with Large Finale Sets from Red Apple. With our mind-bending fireworks sets, you’ll be sure to outdo yourself, no matter how awesome your past fireworks shows.

Our Large Firework Finale Sets

At Red Apple, we believe you can go big or home. That's why we designed our Large Finale Sets with up to 350 grams of explosive pyrotechnic powder in just one carton. 

You can purchase our awe-inspiring fireworks in an astonishing array of colors, from neon green, purple and orange to gold, silver and multicolor. You can also enjoy dozens of next-level explosive effects in patterns like pearls, bang, stars, crackling — the list goes on. With fun and funky themes like Tiki, Space Force and Moons, finding a set that speaks to you is simple.

Our large finale fireworks range from loud to very loud, with display levels from low to high. Our aerial cakes shoot up to 296 shots per set with show durations between 25 seconds and 40 minutes of sensational sparks, flares and blasts.

Build the Show of a Lifetime With Red Apple

Dazzle and exhilarate your friends and family with large finale fireworks sets from Red Apple. We create amazing fireworks that surpass industry standards while making online purchasing easier than ever.

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