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Aerial Cakes FAQ

What are Aerial Cake Fireworks?

Aerial cake fireworks come in a single package. They are fused together so that they set off a chain reaction with amazing effects and loud shots. Aerial cake fireworks usually come in two shapes, either rectangle or square. You light them just one time and then sit back and enjoy a series of blasts, shrills, and special effects.

You can put your own touch of finesse on the entire party with the cake fireworks show. Aerial cake fireworks are an excellent choice for a fun backyard party, momentous celebration, or any other event. 

In most of the fireworks shows you’ve attended, chances are the majority of the fireworks you see are aerial cakes. The multi-shot construction makes them a popular choice — for good reason!

What are the different kinds of aerial cake fireworks?

At Red Apple Fireworks, we have an assortment of aerial cake fireworks to suit your fancy. If you’re shopping for aerial cakes, start with one of these three categories. 

The typical aerial cakes are up to 200 grams. This is a fantastic way to get your party started! Then there are the large aerial cakes. These have up to 350 grams of powder. You can use these solo or in combination with other cake fireworks.

If you’re really looking to make an impact, check out the XL aerial cakes. This is what is known as the 500 gram cake. These are definitely fit for your finale.  

We also stock shell cakes, which contain a compacted shell instead of pyrotechnic powder (for that all-important ‘boom’) and barrage finales — our own special concoction of multiple aerial cakes for an all-in-one show. You can also try compound cakes, with 2 aerials in one, for an incredible one-two punch!