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Ground Effects

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Our Red Apple Fireworks team loves all the terrific ground fireworks manufacturers have created over the years! They are the perfect lead-in for the aerial portion of any fireworks exhibition, whether in your backyard or at a major venue in your city. Even better, you get to be right in the middle of the action with ground effect fireworks!

Who doesn't love setting off smoke bombs and ground spinners to watch them delight us up close and personal? We haven't met anyone who feels that way yet, and we're all determined we would change their minds the moment they see a Jumbo Color Smoke Ball start billowing beautiful plumes of smoke. If you need ideas about incorporating your ground-based fireworks, see what our customers are doing to jazz up their fireworks events!

We love our collection of ground effect fireworks and can't wait for you to explore our website. We offer bulk pricing for everyone and deliver directly to your door. That means you never need to travel to find the perfect fireworks for any occasion, hoping the store will have what you want when you arrive. We have the supplies you need to make your fireworks show a hit! If you need more ideas about which of these nostalgia-inducing fireworks offer the most fun, our customer care team can help when you visit our Help Center!

What Are Ground Fireworks?

Ground effect fireworks are also considered non-aerial fireworks since they don't leave the ground. Instead, this category of fireworks offers you and your family and friends to see fireworks up close for a special thrill. Most ground items are a step or several more intense than treasured, handheld sparklers, but they're tamer than missiles and bottle rockets.

Ground devices come in many shapes and sizes and feature their own brand of excitement for viewers and launchers. Any object that doesn't shoot into the sky falls under this classification. Some favorites among fireworks aficionados of all ages include fountains, snakes, snaps, sparklers, pops, smoke balls, and many more.

How Can I Incorporate: Ground Fireworks Into My Backyard Show?

While ground spinners, smoke balls, and sparklers can fit into any occasion, it's almost like they were made for the backyard fireworks show. No matter who is coming or how old they are, they'll love our collection of ground effect fireworks for sights, sounds, sparkles, and spins they will never forget.

The best part is that, for many of these fireworks, you don't have to wait until it's dark, so you can start your backyard fireworks show at dusk or earlier. You can then take a break for a dinner barbecue picnic, resume the fireworks affairs with more ground devices, or let the main event begin.

Which Fireworks Are Best for Backyard Shows?

If you have a big backyard event coming up, you probably want to make it a good one! Our pyro team can relate. We're often trying to develop the best fireworks spectacle, relying on classic grounders like the spark-spewing and bang-making Ground Bloom With Bang and the adorable Spinning Firefly that sets of sparks once it gets going.

But you can make your fireworks event all your own, featuring any combination of ground devices and aerials you want. Whether you choose to make ground items the warm-up act and your missiles the main event, or you decide to toggle back and forth between the two, there's room for all your favorites, and we sell them all!

Are Ground Fireworks Safe?

Ground fireworks are among the safest available. Like any other firework device, though, ground effect cd devices are safest when lighted and launched according to the accompanying instructions in each box of fireworks we sell. We urge you to hang on to the box, instructions, and any other packaging to reference everything as needed. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us to ask!

Finally, all of our fireworks measure up to all the testing criteria set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).