We hope that you are well and that your friends and family are safe! We would like to reassure you that Red Apple Fireworks is responding appropriately to COVID-19 in ways that support our customers as well as ensuring the safety of our staff and respect for the communities where we work and live.

Celebrating life’s happy occasions is a role that Red Apple has played for years, and we feel that it is our continued responsibility to fill that role, even during times of crisis and periods of uncertainty.

We are committed to being responsive to this rapidly-changing situation. Our investment in our business infrastructure is ensuring that Red Apple team members can keep supporting our customers while continuing to work safely. We take great pride in our long track record of supporting our partners – this time will be no different.

We don’t know about you, but all of this chaos makes us want to set a few things on fire! :)

We have not started hoarding toilet paper, but as always, we are here to provide you with the means to take a break from world events outside of anyone’s control. Throw an at-home shindig! Make some fun! No one has to be close when you light up the sky – your kids can sit on the porch, your neighbors can see from their yards, and you’ll be the hero of the day!

The Red Apple Fireworks Team was socially isolating (without even meaning to) as we launched our new website just one week ago. We are continuing to ensure quick shipping directly to your home or local truck terminal with discounted shipping available! Not only that, but we’ve acquired a S#!T-ton of fireworks for an outstanding fireworks season! ;) Contact us for assistance in placing an order for bulk fireworks or smaller quantities as both are now available for purchase online!

Please know that we truly value your business, and we enjoy knowing that your order will help you and your loved ones celebrate life even when it’s not a holiday. We will continue our excellent customer support, supplying you with the best quality fireworks available!

Sincerely / Doug, Mike & the Red Apple® Fireworks Team