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Welcome, fireworks enthusiasts! At Red Apple Fireworks, we’re thrilled to present our latest collection of the most colorful fireworks for 2024. As we approach the peak fireworks seasons, it’s the perfect time to explore our top picks that promise to light up your celebrations with vibrant displays. In the video above, we count down the Top 10 Most Colorful Fireworks that are guaranteed to wow your audience! Whether you’re prepping for a backyard bash, a festive holiday celebration, or just love the thrill of pyrotechnics, these selections will elevate your fireworks game to dazzling new heights.


Chroma® 5-Inch XL® Canister Shells

The Chroma® Shells are renowned for their neon brilliance. Each shell bursts with a stunning array of colors, featuring effects like willows and time rain. With 24 shells per kit, your display will be nothing short of spectacular.

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Tokyo Rose™ 192 Shots XL® Aerial Finale Set®

This set offers an incredible show with its rapid-fire sequence of 192 shots. The continuous spectacle of bright colors is perfect for keeping your audience captivated and impressed.

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Lunar Rainbow™ ANUENUE KAU PO™ 50 Shots XL® Aerials

The Lunar Rainbow ANUENUE KAU PO Aerial set brings the beauty of a rainbow to your fireworks display! With large, sky-filling patterns, each launch mimics the arc of a rainbow, painting the night with brilliant hues.

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Gumball® Barrage 60-Shots XL® Aerials

This barrage of 60 shots offers a mesmerizing sequence of colorful explosions. Perfect for a high-energy finale, these aerials will fill the sky with a rapid succession of vibrant bursts, leaving your audience in awe.

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Ganja® Killa 6-Inch XXL™ Canister Shells

These 6-inch canister shells are all about bold and bright colors. Each shell explodes into stunning neon hues with unique effects like pistils and dahlias, ensuring your display stands out in any sky.

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Smokeshow™ 36 Shot Daytime XL® Aerials

Perfect for daytime festivities, these aerials produce vibrant smoke trails that linger in the air. Add a unique and colorful twist to your daylight celebrations with these eye-catching pyrotechnics.

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Unicorn Puke® 25 Shots XL® Aerials

Don’t let the whimsical name fool you—these aerials are a powerhouse of color. Each shot delivers a spectacular mix of effects and colors, creating a magical, fairy-tale-like atmosphere in the night sky.

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Ronin™ 32 Shot Standard Aerial Finale Sets®

Designed for a dramatic finale, the Ronin™ 32 Shot Aerial Finale Set features a brilliant mix of colors and patterns. Each shot contributes to a dazzling display that culminates in a grand, colorful conclusion.

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Neon Fusion® XL® Rocket Packs™

These rockets deliver intense, vivid colors with each launch. Perfect for adding a pop of neon to your display, the Neon Fusion® XL® Rocket Packs will light up the sky in style.

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Rainbow Waterfall™ Handheld Fountain

Ideal for close-up enjoyment, the Rainbow Waterfall™ Handheld Fountain cascades a beautiful flow of colorful sparks. Its easy-to-use handheld design makes it a favorite for intimate gatherings and celebrations.

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Neon Fire™ Color-Changing Campfire Powder

As a special treat, don’t miss our Neon Fire™ Color-Changing Campfire Powder. Sprinkle it on your campfire and watch the flames transform into a mesmerizing array of colors, adding a magical touch to any evening.

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That's all, folks!

Be sure to check out the video embedded above to see these fireworks in action. Visit our website or any of our 3 locations to shop these vibrant pyrotechnics and more. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit that bell icon for more fireworks fun!

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Let us know your favorite colorful fireworks in the comments below. Happy celebrating! 🧨

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