Top 10 Artillery Shells To Buy with Doug!

Top 10 Artillery Shells To Buy with Doug!

Fireworks are one of the most fascinating and entertaining things to watch during a celebration, and Red Apple Fireworks has a selection of the best artillery shells. 

Pyroboss, Doug from Red Apple Fireworks provides an informative and entertaining video showcasing some of the best artillery shells that they have to offer.

First up are the Chroma Canister Shells that have set the standard for the current generation of XL Canister Shells. These multi-colored shells feature neon blue, orange, purple, red, yellow, brocade crowns, palms, pistils, strobing, and glittering effects. The willows on the Chroma shells are absolutely ridiculous, and they're definitely worth checking out.

Next on the list are the Giant Panda 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells that feature amazing neon colors, silver, gold, and vivid white with a ton of different effects. Each shell features sky burst effects, which means that these effects are going to be big and break open to spread across the whole view of the sky. They also add tiger tails to six of the shells, rings, mines, and bouquets to the remaining three shells, giving you a multi-level display.

The Geisha Shells are also a staple in any true pyro’s fireworks show because they feature Red Apple Fireworks' own custom crown and willow effects with tails. The first six shells come with all platinum willows and a complementary effect. The next set of six shells includes gold king willows with the same complementary effects, and the last set includes crystal crowns and a combination of gold king willows and crystal crowns.

The American Glory 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells are red, white, and blue to bring out the patriot in you. They're the first canister shells in the world to include a super loud whistling tail, red, white, and blue effects, and silver and gold to really bring out those colors. They're splitting these up into six different base effects with complementary effects, including brocades, palms, dahlias, and willows.

The Ganja Killa Shells are some of the best in the store because you get a huge variety of effects and colors. The neon colors are really ridiculous, and these 6-inch canister shells are heavy. You'll get six platinum willows, six dahlias, six strobing and crackling effects, and six brocade crowns and palms.

The Bombas De La Muerte shells are another really cool assortment of shells because they give you so many different effects in the box. You're getting multiple levels of effect, so you're getting a view of both the bottom to the mid-sky and also a full sky view when the shell explodes. There are four different categories of shells within the Bombas Set, including platinum willow combinations, neon dahlias tails and skyburst effects, and mines and skyburst effects.

The Kobushi 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells focus on king willows and crystal crowns with tails. These six shells are all about the crystal crown, six are the gold king willows, and six are the platinum willows. This is helpful if you're a pyro who likes to design their show or if you're an aspiring pyro who wants to theme your show more tightly.

The Cat Kong is bringing you a reloadable shell show. Each shell shoots up and explodes more than once, and this makes it a little more interesting than traditional canister shells. With triple breaks, double breaks, and single break shells all included, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. So whether you're a seasoned fireworks enthusiast or just looking to add some fun to your backyard party, the Cat Kong mortar shells are the perfect choice for an unforgettable show!

Are you ready to add some excitement to your next fireworks display? Look no further than the Tropi-Bombs Artillery Shells! These unique ball shells provide a symmetrical burst when they explode, giving you a visually stunning display that will leave your guests in awe. From the vibrant green, red, and white peonies to the crackling peonies and multicolored effects, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

If you're looking for even more power and variety, check out the Pixelz Artillery Shells. These compact canisters pack a punch with 12 different shells, each with a unique combination of effects and colors. You'll get everything from strobing glitter to crackling bang, plus a special skyful effect that's sure to impress. And with six different color options available, you can create a custom display that's perfectly suited to your tastes.

In conclusion, Red Apple Fireworks has a wide selection of the best artillery shells. Each of the shells showcased by Doug has unique features and effects, making them a must-have for any fireworks enthusiast. 

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