Are you ready to party, #Pyrosquad™?! New Year’s Eve is almost here and that means it’s BOOM TIME! With the coming of the new year comes celebrating the year that was 2021, and setting off the new year with a super-loud welcome to 2022. At Red Apple®, you know we love to #LIGHTUPTHENEWYEAR™ with the very best of Grande Booms™!

    What are we gonna light up? Mike is here with a CARTLOAD of some of his favorite fireworks! We’ve got a brand new video showing you the best booms on the internet, and the best way to get #litAF™ this New Year's Eve!

    Check out Mike’s new video below, as he wants to show you the very best way to #RockYourBlock®… with fireworks from Red Apple®!

    Check out Mike’s must-have fireworks here: 


    PLUS! We’ve got so many amazing things happening online & in-store! Perfect for NYE, or any celebration! (This should be a bullet-point list with links) 


    Sit back, grab a chill vibe and let your boy Mike lead the way to an amazing NYE! We'll catch you soon, #PyroSquad™!



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