Day of the Dead with Mike!

Day of the Dead with Mike!

That's right #PyroSquad™, Mike is back with another amazing vlog, but this time he dives into our Day of the Dead inspired fireworks from our exclusive Calavera® line! These epic booms and bangs made to wake the dead are truly something special, and a perfect way to honor our loved ones that have passed on.

We'll start off with the all-new XL® Finale Set® Dia De Los Muertos™! With over 10 colors - including neons - and 12 different effects like Dandelions™ & Red Apple® Blossoms, this Finale Set® is truly unique and beyond beautiful! If you're going to #LightTheNight on Day of the Dead, this is a MUST!

6" XXL™ Canisters that bring the boom, Bombas De La Muerte™! If you are going to fire off Canisters Shells™, then you better come correct! With all these effects like Pistils, Dahlias and Brocade Crowns that are coupled with 8 neons colors (and 10 colors total), you're going to see something special happen when you fire these off!

And as we come to an end of the needed booms for Day of the Dead, we have an astounding XL® Finale Set® ¡Viva Mexico!. 135 shots packed with neon red, neon green, vivid™ white and silver effects, these awesome aerials will bring some serious thunder and definitely #rattlesomewindows! The Dandelions™ alone are worth lighting these bad boys up, let alone the palm and the strobe effects!

There you have it, folks. All the best booms to honor the Day of the Dead and to make sure when the dead are roaming between dimensions, you light up the night for them!

We'll see you soon #PyroSquad™!

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