What's up, my dudes!?!? You know what day April 20th is, doooon't you!? As in, 4/20...

Here at Red Apple®, we know you love celebrating 4/20, and we love celebrating, too. So we thought to ourselves "selves, we should shout out to all our ganja fans out there with a 4/20 blog!" Because, honestly, fireworks make celebrating anything more fun!

Ironically enough, we have an entire line of fireworks perfect for this day and they come with louder booms than a Snoop Dogg album, and more smoke than at a Fish concert! We call them Ganja® and we know you'll dig these more than Funyuns after a quick puff. Here's just a few of our freshly rolled fireworks that you can light up:

  1. First up is the Killa 6" XXL™ Canister Shells.These bad boys don't leave a single color or effect out for a Killa fireworks experience, exclusive to our Ganja® brand!
  2. Next up is Tropix 76-Shot Large Aerial Finale Sets®, with 4 incredible aerials including Tangerine Haze™, Maui Wowie™, Pineapple Dream™, and Tropicali™. Each comes with 19 amazing shots in multiple colors and effects that will really expand your mind!
  3. Finally, we have the Canna-Box Fireworks Sampler® which offers up 12 canister shells, 17 aerials, 5 fountains and 1 barrage candle for a total of 467 shots!

So this 4/20, show your crew your own collection of Ganja® fireworks to go along with any other actual sticky icky-icky that you may own... we won't tell anyone, we promise.

Also, have you guys seen "Half Baked"? We love that movie, just sayin'. And, are you guys hungry? Oh, sorry. Anyway #Pyrosquad, we're off to watch "The Big Lebowski" and then fire off some Ganja fireworks to Blow $#!t Up, so we'll catch you soon!

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