Mar 2nd 2022

The Pre-Season Sale IS BACK Homeskillet!

The Pre-Season Sale IS BACK Homeskillet!

Oh snap! Don’t bug out or anything… but the Pre-season Sale Event is poppin’ off at Red Apple®! So get your posse together & come load up on some totally rad sales that will Bring The Boom™ fo' sho!

If you've taken part of our Pre-Season Sale Event in the past, you know this sale is #litAF™ and there are sales on like, tons of like, totally different fireworks from Red Apple®, Brothers, Winda, Shogun and like… so many more! We know that celebrating with booms is a big deal and we want to make sure you have everything you need to #RockYourBlock®. Plus, July 4th is just around the corner, so make sure you get stocked up like… RIGHT NOW!

Some of the sickest deals include:

These hella sweet deals only for a limited time - from March 4th - early April! So don't hesitate and get loaded up, home-slice! AND! Don't forget about some of our totally sick GRANDE BOOMS™ like Chroma® 5" XL® Canister ShellsPanda Box™ Fireworks Samplers® and the Sin City Standard™ XL® Finale Set®! All carefully designed by the Red Apple® crew to blow your mind!

It's time to get stocked, locked and ready to rock, folks! So get yours before they sell out!!!!! And you can also get your Fireworks Festival merch HERE!

Also, our Flint store has some exclusive specials. And just for our friends in Michigan, 20+ exclusive specials that aren't available anywhere else!

We'll catch you soon, #PyroSquad™!