May 13th 2020



The History of ‘A-MAY-ZING’

Long ago, there were only two times of the year where excitement would be high in the fireworks industry. Can you guess what times those are? If you guessed 4th of July and the New Year, you are right!

Red Apple’s enthusiasm for fireworks is 365 days a year, 24/7! We wanted to keep that excitement up with pyro lovers everywhere making even the most random or out of whack months just as exciting leading up to the two major days! Alas, A-MAY-ZING was born!

Formerly known as the MAY-HEM sale, think of A-MAY-ZING as a gigantic pre-4th of July sales event! But it’s a MAY-JOR sales event that lasts the entire month of May! The purpose of this was not just to keep the industry and fireworks lovers excited for fireworks, but allowing our customers the opportunity to come in early and take their time to shop. Allowing our customers the opportunity to stock up on the fireworks they know, want, and love while having a lot to choose from is a win in our books and our customers!

When we launched our first MAY-HEM sale, we were uploading one product, per sale, per day. Jump to today, we now load 70+ items starting on May 1st at sale prices that are jaw dropping! The best thing is, most of these prices are available all month long! With our sales mainly based around case products, you’re getting more product, at a great price, for an ultimate value! And for those who aren’t in the market for cases, we have plenty of samplers, assortments, and finale sets that are fun for the whole family and don't put a dent in your pocket. A-MAY-ZING RIGHT?

This is also the first time we’re including new 2020 pre-order items in the month long sale along with actually having a pre-order selection on our website in general. Now is the best time to shop pre-order items while they are available during A-MAY-ZING! They are selling fast so we would suggest snagging a few at these lovely prices before they sell out or get on the shelves at regular prices. You heard it here folks! Act fast or you’ll regret it!

What do you love about our A-MAY-ZING sales? We’d love to hear it!