Jul 15th 2021

Summer Blast™ Sale Event!

Summer Blast™ Sale Event!

Ready to turn up the heat, #Pyrosquad™!? Our Summer Blast™ Sale Event is HAPPENING NOW! We're about to add some serious BOOMS to your summertime celebration! We're about to have 750+ specials available throughout the store & online! So no matter how you get your Red Apple® goodies, you'll be able to shop this hot new sale! PLUS! We're shipping fireworks for only $49 right now! 

The Red Apple® crew is always looking for a good excuse to BLOW S#!T UP, so this beautiful weather is a no-brainer! Load up on the hottest new fireworks to get your stash beach-ready.

So crack open a fresh coconut, slice into some cold watermelon, and get your pyro-torch ready because we're about to get #litAF™!

Shop 750+ Summer Blast™ specials here!

Check out Mike's top 5 summertime celebration fireworks!

#5: Cobra Box™ Fireworks Sampler®

Cobra Box™ is perfect for literally any party. It's packed with fountains, aerials, shells & more! Whether you're celebrating in the backyard, the driveway or just trying to add some noise to your weekend BBQ, this thing has got you covered for real! Buy Cobra Box™ now!

#4: Tiki Assault™ Large Aerials

These aerials have everything! Super-bright colors including teal, sky blue & magenta. Rapid-fire shots, special effects likes falling leaves & fish. Plus.. SUPER LOUD BOOMS! Feelin' fesity? Buy it here!

#3: Wavelength™ Compound Cake™

Forget summertime or BBQs, Wavelength™ is gonna #rocktheblock™ anytime & in any weather! This is one of the most unique & in-your-face fireworks that Red Apple® has! Buy the most amazing cake here!

#2: Chroma® 5" XL® Canister Shells

If you haven't lit these puppies off, you're missing out forreal! Each box of Chroma® Shells is packed 24 custom-designed shells! Doug & I hand picked the colors & effects in every shell! Don't forget about the crazy-bright NEON colors, amazing effects & LOUD BOOMS! Grab a box of Chromas® & shut down your neighbor's BBQ in no-time! Buy them here!

#1: Tiki Box™ Finale Set Box™

11 different aerials... 296 total shots! 2-9-6! Tiki Box™ is packed to the edge with amazing aerials that will rattle any Tiki bar! Each Tiki Box™ comes with 8 standard aerials, 2 large aerials & 1 XL® Aerial! Wanna be known as the Big Kahuna? Get yourself a Tiki Box™! Buy it here!