Mar 8th 2022

St. Patrick's Day Contest at Red Apple®!

St. Patrick's Day Contest at Red Apple®!

Repeat after us: “I do not need shamrock boxers!” The Red Apple® Fireworks St. Paddy’s Day Giveaway is back! That's right, seriously cool prizes & more are yours for the taking… if you’re lucky enough!

This St. Patrick's Day, head to to our Pahrump, NV or Flint, MI stores March 16th - 18th, spend at least $175 you’ll get a chance to win a prize from our pot o’ gold! And, per usual, these prizes are something special to behold! You could win an Irish Legend Large Aerial, green smoke bombs, Cobra Candles™ & more! You could even win the very best gift we have to offer... A HIGH-FIVE FROM THE RED APPLE® STAFF!!!! (You can thank us later.)

Whether you’re Irish or not, it’s safe to say that we all agree a great celebration needs fireworks. And since no one loves to #MakeSomeNoise™ as much as we do, we thought we’d help you create a celebration worthy of the leprechaun’s charms! (We hear they're magically delicious.)

If you haven't checked out our Signature Series® Irish Legend Large Aerials, then you've been missing out. With our exclusive full-color case that perfectly houses epic neon greens, reds, blues, and purples (with a little gold thrown in, for good measure) these little leprechauns give off incredible strobe and glitter effects, with some crackling and some loud bangs mixed in. 

Don't forget that our Pre-Season Sale is poppin' off right now, G! With huge savings on over 60 different fireworks from brands like Red Apple®, Brothers, Winda and Megabanger, it's too good of a sale to miss. So make with the hustle and stock up, while saving some serious green!

As you get ready for a day filled with Lucky Charms, all-green attire and oddly-appealing green beer, make sure you head down to Red Apple® in Pahrump so you can open up a can of boom!

We'll catch you soon, #PyroSquad™!