Apr 15th 2021

Shoot Site for Fireworks at Night, That's Right!

Shoot Site for Fireworks at Night, That's Right!

Alright boys and girls, we wanted to talk about the Shoot Site, which is where the action is happening! The shoot site is only a few miles away from our Pahrump store it's the bomb spot for shooting off you favorites fireworks! Shells, Finale Sets®, Rockets, Firecrackers, Roman Candles... you can light it all!

Now, let's go over the details of the Shoot Site so that you can plan perfectly for your family to have an explosive time. (Get it... get it?!?!)

  • The site is open to the public, but you're going to need a permit for entry. You can purchase one in-store at Red Apple® in Pahrump.
  • It can get cold at night in the desert (yes, even in Nevada... in May), don't forget to bring layers to stay comfortable
  • There are portable toilets on site
  • There are multiple launch pads 
    • Only 2 people allowed at each launch pad
    • This means that usage time my be limited
  • The parking lot is both fenced in and well lit
  • Address: 3770 Fox Avenue, Pahrump, Nevada - 89048

That's the skinny, #Pyrosquad™! Anytime you're ready to light the night & #makesomenoise, you have a perfect shooting site. So make sure to load up and go Blow $#!t Up with your own stash of Red Apple® fireworks!