Apr 1st 2021

#PyroSquad, Earn 25K In PyroCoins™, Baybay!

#PyroSquad, Earn 25K In PyroCoins™, Baybay!

Yup, we've lost it. Officially. We've lost our minds. After the $79 Shipping deal we just ran, we thought to ourselves "hey, who needs sanity, anyway?" The answer is definitely not us.

We'll stop burying the lead, sorry. Guys and gals, you can win 25,000 PyroCoins™ - which equals $250 at Red Apple® - simply by entering. Yo, it's that simple and that easy. You fill out the info, and you get a chance to win 25K in those sweet, sweet PyroCoins™!

So hurry up and enter now so that you don't miss out. Because we want to make sure that you have the best chance at winning, and this giveaway ends soon. Yeah yeah, we're cool like that... we know.

But seriously, enter sooner rather than later. Because $250 buys some pretty epic Red Apple® fireworks. And July 4th will be here before you know. Alright #PyroSquad, we'll see you soon