Jan 25th 2023



When it's time to #MAKEITLOUD™, we all know that Red Apple® is the way to go! But we also want you to know there are many ways to increase your booming like becoming a Pyrocoin™ member! We know, we know... you already know about these amazeballs rewards, but did you know there are many (MANY) ways to earn Pyrocoin™? Once you strart earning coin, you can use them to redeem discounts on your next purchase, free swag & more! "Well then, how many ways?” you must be asking yourself?

WOW! We're so glad you asked! You’ve got so many ways to earn Pyrocoin™ including leaving reviews on our website, interacting with us on social media, celebrating your birthday with us & more! Feel like dropping us a comment or giving us a life? Pyrocoin™! Feel like sharing a video? Pyrocoin™! How about uploading product photos or reviews? PYROCOIN™, PYROCOIN™... PYROCOIN™!

Seriously #Pyrosquad™, you can earn them in so many ways that it's almost crazy! And anything you earn can be used towards fireworks, swag, and much more! What's great is that earning Pyrocoin™ simple, so there's no reason for you to not start pocketing all the extra Pyrocoin™ you can now! (Yes, we do realize that if we mention Pyrocoin™ one more time, a Boom Fairy gets its wings.)

Here's how easy earning Pyrocoin™ can be:

  • Spend $1 (before tax): 1 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Sign up for an Account: 1,000 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Subscribe to our newsletter: 250 Pyrocoin™
  • Celebrate your birthday: 500 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: 200 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Leave a product review on our site: 250 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Upload a product photo to a review: 250 Pyrocoin™ 
  • Upload a product video to a review: 500 Pyrocoin™

You can also GET PAID too!

  • Every PyroCoin™ account comes with it's own unique referral code. When you share that code with your friends and they place an order, you'll get hooked up with $50! PLUS! They'll get $50 too!
  • A referred order of $999+ pre-tax will get you hooked up with your reward
  • Referral rewards will show in your PyroCoin™ account once the order is processed & shipped out

If you did all of those things listed above, you'd have like... so many Pyrocoin™ RIGHT NOW! That's some serious boom for your bucks! So don't wait any longer, get going and get to earning!

We'll see you soon #PyroSquad™!