Apr 26th 2020

Product Spotlight: Doug's Panda Box Fireworks Samplers (Case)

Product Spotlight: Doug's Panda Box Fireworks Samplers (Case)

With all the amazing, top-notch quality products Red Apple Fireworks produce, we get how hard it is to choose what to buy! We asked some of the staff for their personal picks of the massive assortment we carry. And boy, the picks we got are EXPLOSIVE! Literally.

This week’s Staff Pick’s Spotlight was chosen by our very own Doug! If you like Kung Fu and bears, well, this combo can be found in one of our fantastic finale samplers. The Panda Box Fireworks Samplers (case)! We will learn of the chi packed into this tray from the mind of Doug! 

“When we were building this sampler, we were trying to build a product that was well performing, inexpensive, easy to use with a long show. Filled with performances of traditional Chinese fireworks!” -Doug

This assortment brings the old, traditional original fountain and aerial combos you would see in past China celebrations to our present day! It’s a truly unique category of fireworks as they provide multi-level effects you wouldn’t usually see. The fountain effects reach up to 10ft with the aerial effects going 10ft and above! A multipurpose assortment that’s a perfect display for a family backyard BBQ, a block party with the neighbors, or just to simply enjoy watching the sparks dance all around!

We asked Doug what his favorite thing was about The Panda Box Fireworks Sampler (case). The Doug we know and love got down to business! And no, I did not totally quote Mulan! (Maybe) But back to your regularly scheduled read:

“That you’re getting a lot of different types of fireworks that do a lot of different things, all within a single, inexpensive box.” -Doug

And he’s right! The value is HUGE! At not only the quality but also the price you pay for this tray! The box comes with 3 Panda samplers inside, each holding 7 standard aerials, 1 missile barrage, 2-6 pack shell kits, 2 fountain repeaters, 5 fountains, and 2 packs of 3 candles. For a show that lasts up to 50 minutes! It’s so good, it’s one of our customer’s top choices for purchase because they can store, distribute, or resell one of the three cases to their friends and family.

Looking to always improve is part of our work ethic and to hear our customer’s responses are crucial. In terms of the category of Sky Show Samplers, The Panda Box Fireworks Sampler (case) is one of our best sellers! Red Apple Fireworks made improvements on the performance in direct response from our customers! It’s no surprise and we are proud to hear that this collaboration has made our latest version of The Panda Box Fireworks Sampler (Case) one of our customer’s favorites!

If you want to know more about The Panda Box Fireworks Samplers (case), check out the unboxing video below: