Feb 9th 2021

Presidents’ Day Celebration

Presidents’ Day Celebration

You know what we think about at Red Apple® when we think about Presidents’ Day? Fireworks! No, really. Hear us out. We swear, it’s worth it.

How does America celebrate a new president? With fireworks. How does America honor our country, and thus our previous presidents? With fireworks. And how do we excite our kids about a day dedicated to our old, dead presidents? With the day off school.

Well, that and with fireworks.

Here at Red Apple®, we love three things: fireworks, freedom and America. And if America is honoring our presidents, we want to honor them, too. So we’re celebrating Presidents’ Day Sale featuring some of our most patriotic big boomers, ka-pow-ers, and whammies. Our firework quality is unmatched and our selection is so large that it’s actually patriotic. In fact, it’s so patriotic that even George Washington would want to buy a few of these… and then chop down a cheery tree or something.

Our Pres Day Picks look like this:

Stop waiting, start celebrating. With fireworks this good, we can’t promise that they will be in stock long. Besides, there’s no better way to spend dead presidents than FOR dead presidents! And that means, quite simply, it's time to celebrate and to blow stuff up!