Feb 2nd 2023

2023 Fireworks Festival Tour - 1st Stop: Pahrump, NV

2023 Fireworks Festival Tour - 1st Stop: Pahrump, NV

Get ready to rock!

Alright, #Pyrosquad™! Red Apple® is getting ready for our 2023 Fireworks Festival US Tour! This year we're putting together at least 3 amazing shows across the country! Each show will be a FULL DAY of entertainmnet, delcious food, party and of course... TONS OF FIREWORKS! The first stop on our 2023 Fireworks Festival Tour has been locked in for May 6th, 2023 in  Pahrump, NV. Get your tickets here!

At the store on the day of the Festival:

  • The store will be open 24 hours so you can stock up before, during & after the fireworks
  • Festival check-in will start at 10am at our store on the day of the festival. Check in early for a fireworks shoot lit, goodie bag & more
  • Tons of exclusive Fireworks Festival sales & specials will be available all day & after the fireworks
  • The shoot list for the Pahrump Fireworks Demo is available now! Please download a copy, print it out & bring it with you so you can makes notes while we're lighting them up! Download the list here.

At the shoot site on the day of the festival:

  • The shoot site will open at 3:00pm for tailgating & entertainment
  • Parking is available on a first come, first served bases (unless you purchased front row parking). This includes handicapped spots & oversized vehicle parking
  • Oversized vehicles, RVs & other vehicles that cannot fit in a single spot will be directed to a special oversize vehicle parking area
  • Your car & tailgate can only take up 1 spot. If you're occupying more than 1 spot you will be asked to move
  • Food & drinks will be available for purchase from some awesome food trucks
  • Bringing the family? We'll have a petting zoo, bounce houses & more!
  • Pets are allowed, but not recommended due to the noise. If you bring a pet, it must be leashed/contained at all times
  • No fireworks of any kind can be ignited at the shoot site

Festival deals are happening now!

I celebration of the 2023 Fireworks Festivals, we've dropped a ton of  NEW DEALS just for you! Whether you're shopping online or instore, you'll be able to load up on these new deals!

  • Shop Fireworks Festival deals here
  • Check out crazy low everyday prices on our exclusive Signature Series lineup
  • FREE Stash House™ shipping! Get shipping info here

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