Dec 14th 2023



Hey there, #PYROSQUAD™, Mike here! The holiday season and 2024 is upon us, and guess what? If you're not bringing in the festivities with a bang, you're seriously missing out! Let's dive into the holiday spirit with a few absolute showstoppers that'll make your December sparkle like never before!

1. Ultraviolet® 60-Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®: Neon Extravaganza!

Picture this: neon green, pink, yellow, and a neon blue spectacle that's brighter than your holiday lights! The Ultraviolet® 60-Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set® from Red Apple® is like painting the sky with a neon rainbow! Starting slow, revving up, and ending with a jaw-dropping rapid-fire finale, this baby's got a 1.2-inch tube caliber, ensuring a mind-blowing 60 seconds of sheer awesomeness! Light it up and let the colors speak for themselves!

2. Bombas De La Muerte™ 6" XXL™ Canister Shells: Neon Dreams Come True!

Neon isn't just for the Las Vegas Strip; it's for the sky too! The Bombas De La Muerte™ 6in XXL™ Canister Shells bring the neon party with 24 assorted shells, each more eye-catching than the last! Imagine gigantic Platinum Willows, vibrant neon Dahlias, and those tails or mines lighting up the night. With colors like neon blue, orange, purple, and a whole palette of others, get ready for a fireworks extravaganza that'll have you cheering for more!

3. #ILOVEFIREWORKS® 49-Shot XL® Aerials: For the Love of Booms and Blasts!

Because who doesn't love fireworks, right? The #ILOVEFIREWORKS® 49-Shot XL® Aerials are a mixtape of explosive effects and vibrant colors. With 98 shots across different tube calibers, it's a symphony of loud booms and dazzling displays. Mines, tails, sky-level breaks—this set's got it all! Brace yourself for brocade crowns, comets, strobes, and a myriad of other effects that'll light up your NYE party like a Fourth of July celebration!

Light Up Your New Year Like Never Before!

So, are you ready to turn your holiday season into a pyrotechnic paradise? These fireworks from Red Apple® Fireworks are your ticket to a December that'll go down in history! Whether it's the countdown to New Year's Eve or just spicing up your holiday parties, these sets guarantee a spectacle that'll leave everyone speechless!