Aug 17th 2021

From Noob to Seasoned Vet in One Season!

From Noob to Seasoned Vet in One Season!

Welcome back #Pyrosquad™! As this beautiful summer continues on as we march towards Labor Day (a perfect opportunity to launch fireworks, BTW), it grants the Red Apple® team an opportunity to reminisce a little. And this week, it's Matt's turn to look back as his leap into this incredible industry.

Matt, Red Apple®'s marketing dude, joined the team in early 2021 and has been learning the ropes of the firework industry, all while getting a feel for the #Pyrosquad™ and their expectations. "Man, I didn't know what to expect on day one," said Matt, offering insight to his mindset back in February. "But I quickly learned that our customers demand quality, and they deserve quality. They choose us (Red Apple®) over others because we believe in being the best, and they believe in buying the best!"

Venturing along in his new career, Matt had to get caught up quickly with July 4th being just a handful of months away. "Luckily, I had some time to get caught up before we dove into the season, but once the season began, it was go time! It's an amazing mix of chaos, excitement, pressure and gorgeous booms!" Matt continued on to say "I learned a lot really quickly and I loved it. Learning what makes fireworks special and what make Red Apple® so unique was really, REALLY fun!"

And of course, becoming a member of the team meant that Matt had to set off some epic products for his family and friends come July 4th. "The Cobra Box and Rainbow Blade were a HUGE hit with my family, especially my 7 year old. He couldn't wait for us to light those up and he had the best time!"

So there we have it, folks. One of our team has graduated from fireworks noob to a seasoned vet and he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon! And speaking of not slowing down anytime soon, our Summer Blast Sale is isn't slowing down either, so make sure to get your favorite booms at a discount!