Apr 26th 2022



What's better than counting down to the 4th? How about 200+ specials, FREE SHIPPING & FREE Red Apple® Fireworks! 

Get ready for a limited time FLASH SALE! April 29th - May 1st, we're dropping prices on our already amaze-balls BOOMIN' Spring Specials, offering FREE shipping & giving away fireworks ALL DAY on Saturday, April 30th!

Lower prices? YEP! We're dropping sale prices AGAIN on 40+ items! Check this out:

  • Chroma® 5" XL® Canister Shells are regularly $269 a case. Flash Sale price is $159 a case $65 a kit!
  • Dead Head™ Barrage Finales™ are regularly $159 each. Flash Sale price is $94!
  • Galaxies™ XL® Aerial Finale Sets® are regularly $185. Flash Sale price is $149!
  • High Rise™ XL® Aerials are regularly $139 a case. Flash Sale price is $109 a case & $55 each!
  • OG Kush™ Standard Aerial Finale Sets® are regularly $242 a case. Flash Sale price is $169 a case & $43 for a set of 6!
  • Get $150 off each case of Geisha™ 6" XXL™ Canister Shells!
  • PLUS! New Pallet Loads™ are now available & they're all on sale!
  • Want to get your fireworks shipped? Orders $999+ ship FREE to a Stash House™ near you!

Our Sale page will be updated with Flash Sale prices super early on April 29th!

Want some FREE FIREWORKS? We're getting ready to giveaway TONS of free fireworks in this limited time Giveaway event! We're giving away Canister Shells, Finale Sets®, Samplers® & more! The giveaway is happening in Pahrump, Flint & Valdosta on April 30th only! Click here for location information.

You don't even need to shop to get tickets for this giveaway! You can get giveaway tickets in so many ways! Check this out:

  • Come into the store = 1 ticket
  • Every $100 spent (pre-tax, in-store on 4/30) = 2 tickets
  • Check in on Yelp = 1 ticket
  • Check in on Trip Advisor = 1 ticket
  • Follow us on TikTok = 3 tickets
  • Check in on Facebook = 4 tickets
  • Leave a 5 star review on Google = 5 tickets

Prizes include:

We're going to be giving away fireworks hourly starting at 1:00pm! Tickets will be dumped after our 6pm draw. You must be in the store to win! See you there!