Feb 16th 2022

Celebrate Presidents' Day with fireworks!

Celebrate Presidents' Day with fireworks!

When we were kids, we were told one day that even we could be the President of the United States. We think it's fair to say that most of us never reached that lofty goal, but we did learn one important thing in the process: Blowing $#!T Up is FUN!

And we're not alone here. Some of the greatest pyros in history also were presidents! Did you know that George Washington used to use cherry bombs to blow up trees? Or did you know that Abe Lincoln used Chroma® 5" XL® Canister Shells to celebrate epic war victories? No? Really? OK, how about how James Garfield used to throw Sumo Snaps™ at politicians he didn't like?

OK, OK... none of these things actually happened. (And you definitely shouldn't try to do any of those things IRL.) But Presidents' Day is an amazing day in which we celebrate our leaders of the past, and we only know one way to celebrate properly: with GRANDE BOOMS™! Red Apple® has the biggest, loudest and best booms out there for you to celebrate this day in an epic fashion!

Speaking of epic, let's talk about some of our choices for Presidents' Day Booms. Some of our perfectly patriotic fireworks will definitely make your celebration pop off! Check out our Triumph® product line, proudly featuring red, white & blue effects!

These fireworks will #RockYourBlock® & shake Mt. Rushrmore! PLUS! Don’t forget that we have 50+ fireworks ON SALE RIGHT NOW! It's the perfect time to stock up and light'em off! We hope you enjoy Presidents' Day and get to Blow $#!T Up!

We'll catch you soon #PyroSquad™!