May 19th 2020

Celebrate Memorial Day with Fireworks!

Celebrate Memorial Day with Fireworks!

America is the land of the beautiful and the free, full of opportunity, and a proud country. However, we would not be the greatest country with the beauty, freedom, and opportunities we have if it weren’t for the brave souls that fought for our country.

Memorial Day is a day we remember, and honor those that have fallen. Those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. A sacrifice that is never forgotten, always remembered, and honored through the lives we live and lead.

In the spirit of this day, we come together to support those who have fought for our country and celebrate the love we all share for our great country and each other! We come together through loved ones, delicious food and tunes, to light the night’s sky with glowing, patriotic fireworks in remembering our fallen heroes.

Fireworks are a great way to memorialize and remember those who are no longer with us. Remembering our fallen heroes with the proud colors of Red, White, and Blue, we have the perfect, wide selection of amazing patriotic and military themed fireworks! With our A-MAY-ZING sale happening all month long, Memorial Day specials will surely roll into those deals!

You can pick up your favorite fireworks with red, white, and blue already included in them from us! Products like Triumph’s American Glory series and RAW’s Red & Blue Peony 10-Shots XL Aerials! Or to make it easier, snatch up our RAD, WHITE & BLUE FIREWORKS STASH! One easy purchase that covers all the patriotic bases at an amazing price!

To share the love and watch the many fireworks shows of yours and others, Pahrump’s shoot site will be open during Memorial Day weekend!

Pahurmp Shoot Site days & times:

May 22nd - 24th from 7:00pm until 11:00pm

PLUS! For all you Michiganers out there, you can legally shoot fireworks during Memorial Day weekend!

Michigan fireworks shooting days & times:

May 23rd & 24th until 11:45pm

Let’s remember & honor our fallen heroes together and share in the excitement of lighting fireworks with each other! Let’s blaze the night’s sky in Red, White and Blue, and continue to live fiercely for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Always remembered, never forgotten!