Aug 18th 2020

Celebrate Labor Day with Red Apple Fireworks!

Celebrate Labor Day with Red Apple Fireworks!

Happy Labor Day! 

On the first Monday of September, we annually recognize and honor the social and economic achievements of the American labor movement. 

We would not be the America we know and love today if it weren’t for the hard work and time we put into developing our flourishing country. Shout out to everyone working to keep a roof over their head, food on the table, bills paid, and living their best life! 

Labor Day is also considered to be the date of the unofficial end of summer. Employees take their two weeks off from work, teachers & children get ready to return to school to continue their education. And for the sports fans out there, we also see the return of sports seasons such as the National Football League (NFL), NASCAR, Drag Racing and mid-season of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. With parades and Labor Day concerts being held as we say good-bye to summer, there’s one additional event that is celebrated on Labor Day that everyone enjoys taking part in… FIREWORKS!

Summer may be ending for most of us, but it’s not a reason for us to quit making noise! It’s time to stock up & light up the sky with amazing deals from Red Apple’s Labor Day Blow-Out! What better way to celebrate our achievements than splurging a little bit on our favorite goodies from our favorite stores? I don’t hear any objections to that!

Here at Red Apple, we’ll be celebrating Labor Day with a BOOM sure to #ROCKYOURBLOCK! Sales start on August 21st & will be available online & at our Pahrump location! Stay tuned for more sale details!