Mar 21st 2022

BOOMIN' Spring Specials!

BOOMIN' Spring Specials!

Fireworks are awesome... but you know what's even better? AWESOME FIREWORKS AT AWESOME PRICES! That's what our brand new BOOMIN' Spring Specials Sale Event has just for you!

We've put almost all of our Red Apple® Brand fireworks on sale for a limited time! Cases & open stock! Onlinein-store! 

That's right! 160+ Red Apple® brand fireworks are now on sale! XL® Aerials, Finale Sets®, 5" XL® Canister Shells, 6" XXL™ Canister Shells, Rockets, Candles, Samplers®... it's all on sale! You can buy fireworks online or shop in-store & load up your car (or your rented u-haul).

Check out a few of our awesome BOOMIN' Spring specials:

Shop all 210+ specials online here or shop in-store here! If you're shopping online, you get can your fireworks shipped out for as low as $49 when you choose shipping to a local Stash House™! Got some questions about shipping? Check out our super-informative Shipping FAQs!

These sales won't be around forever! Get in on some of the lowest prices available from March 21st - April 10th! We'll see you soon, #Pyrosquad™!