Jan 11th 2023



There's a saying we use here at Red Apple at the start of a new year, "New year... more BOOMS!". And 2023 is no different! We have a ton of amazing things planned for you this year including brand-new fireworks, exciting sale events, fireworks festivals across the country & so much more!

One big change that's coming with the new year is an update to the everyday selling price for almost every single item in our catalog! As you know, Red Apple doesn't use gimmicks like Buy 1 Get 1 Free & we never hide our pricing like other places do. We want to offer you the best prices we can on the best fireworks we have to offer! It's our Best Price Guarantee™! 

Starting in mid January 2023 you're going to start seeing the everyday regular price (the full, non-sale price) of most of the items in our catalog go down. These lower prices will be available  online & at all of our locations across the country. And yes, we're still going to offer awesome deals during our sale events & discounted shipping specials too!

These price changes will update both the case & unit price for most items in our lineup. Check out a few examples of these new lower case prices:

Chroma® Shells - Case of 3 Kits
Old case price: $259
New 2023 case price: $199
Savings per case: $60

Chroma® Shells - Single Kits
Old kit price: $109
New 2023 kit price: $73
Savings per kit: $36

Panda Box™ - Case of 3 Trays
Old case price: $342.65
New 2023 case price: $219
Savings per case: $105.65

Panda Box™ - Single Trays
Old tray price: $131.18
New 2023 tray price: $81
Savings per tray: $50.18

Fans™ - Case of 4 XL® Aerials
Old case/set price: $249
New 2023 case/set price: $179
Savings per case: $70

Fans™ - Single Units
Old unit price: $75.66
New 2023 unit price: $50
Savings per unit: $25.66

What happens if Red Apple® doesn't have the best price? We've got you covered with our Happiness Guarantee! As long as you've got images, a link or valid advertisement showing a lower price somewhere else, we'll do our best to price match! Get price matching info here.

PLUS! Our Warehouse Clearance Sale continues into 2023 as well! Get 60% OFF 190+ items from brands like Brothers, Winda, Fire Hawk, Shogun & more! If you're shopping online for instore pickup, use code GETLIT22 when you get to the checkout page to see your discount! If you're shopping instore, no coupon is needed! The fireworks are already on sale! Shop the sale here.

We'll update this blog as these new & exciting changes roll out! We've got so many exciting things planned for you in this new year!

See you soon, #Pyrosquad™!