Feb 1st 2023



The Big Game is almost here, Pyro Squad™! Are you ready to WIN FREE S#!T, or what?!

As 2 of the best pro teams are getting ready to compete in the biggest game of the season, Red Apple® is getting ready for the biggest tournament of the season! We're going to celebrate the Big Game by ensuring you get hooked up with tons of FREE S#!T!

Big Game Squares | Instore only

We're bringing the tournament into our stores for the first time ever! When you shop at any of our locations between February 4th & 11th, you'll be able to pick 2 squares from our board when you and spend $199+ pre-tax. You'll have a chance to win 4 different prizes & winners will be chosen at the end of each quarter!

Prizes include XL® Aerials, Finale Sets®, Samplers® & Canister Shell Kits!

Big Game Tournament | Online only

Starting in the morning on Big Game Sunday, we’ll post challenges on our Facebook & Instagram pages (so make sure you're following us on both HERE and HERE). Once a challenge post goes up, you can place your bet simply by commenting on the post & following the rules of each challenge. If you guessed correctly, your name and others that guessed correctly will be put into a pot and a winner is chosen randomly after the game! Don’t wait to leave your comment once a challenge is posted… they all have time limits & rules!

We want to upgrade your Big Game experience so that it's bigger & boomier than ever! All you have to do is participate in a challenge & follow the rules to win! Some of the rules include:

  • Only 1 guess per person for each challenge will be accepted
  • Edited posts are not counted
  • Posts made AFTER the cutoff will not be counted
  • If you're playing on Facebook, you MUST share the challenge & comment on it to be counted
  • The names of those who guessed correctly will be put into a pot & we will draw a winner at random during the day on Monday, February 13th. A correct answer does not guarantee a prize.

    Each challenge will have a fireworks option and a Red Apple® swag option! That way, if you're under 18 or don't live near a Red Apple® store, you can still get an awesome prize!

$57 Stash House™ Shipping

In celebration of the 57th Big Game, we're hookin' you up to $57 Stash House™ Shipping on orders $1,199+ pre-tax! Stash House™ shipping is a faster & less expensive shipping option that sends your order to a warehouse near your home or business. Once it arrives at the warehouse, you'll head there to pick it up & take it back to whenever you store your fireworks!

Get more shipping info here!


We can't wait to celebrate the Big Game with you! Let's #GETLIT & party! See you soon, #Pyrosquad™!