Apr 5th 2023

BOOMIN' Spring Specials!

BOOMIN' Spring Specials!

Independence Day is gettin' closer and closer! That means it's time to start loading up on the hottest fireworks to party with! To kick off this 4th of July countdown, we're hookin' you up with BOOMIN' Spring Specials Sale Event!

Doug, Mike & the Red Apple® team have put ALMOST EVERYTHING ON SALE! 300+ new sales & specials that will be available online & at all locations. These sales will be here for a limited time, so stock up ASAP!

That's right! 300+ fireworks will be on sale! XL® Aerials, Finale Sets®, 5" XL® Canister Shells, 6" XXL™ Canister Shells, Rockets, Candles, Samplers®... it's all on sale! You can buy fireworks online or shop instore.

We'll update our sale page ASAP with all of these new BOOMIN' Specials, but we can give you a little preview of what we've got ready for you:

Shop all 300+ specials April 3rd - 16th. Shop online here or shop instore here. If you're shopping online, you get can your fireworks shipped out for as low as $49 when you choose shipping to a local Stash House™! Got some questions about shipping? Check out our super-informative Shipping FAQs!

But wait... there's more! Our instore teams have created all-new BOOM Basket™ Party Packages™ for your springtime celebration! These packages are loaded with tons of amazing Red Apple® brand items and range in price from $50 - $400. They're available exclusively instore, but you can get a sneak peek at some of our new Boom Baskets™ below!

These sales won't be around forever! So get your #PyroSquad™ together & come load up before everyone else!