May 1st 2022

2022 Valdosta Fireworks Festival Info

2022 Valdosta Fireworks Festival Info

The 2022 Valdosta Fireworks Festival is here & we have some super important event info for you! Plan on spending the day with us as we're opening our doors early and closing them late!

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Get ready for this massive event & check out some important info:

Fireworks Festival Schedule & Details:

  • Check-in starts at 10:00 am at our store in Valdosta.
  • At check-in, you'll pick up a bunch of goodies including:
    • Store credit tickets (if your ticket included a store credit)
    • Shoot list
    • Raffle ticket
  • To check in, you will need your confirmation email & ID.

    At the Store
  • The Valdosta store opens at 9:00 am & we'll be open LATE after the show!
  • We'll be LOADED with tons of amazing new fireworks by the CASE & by the piece! It's time to stock up!
  • Exclusive Fireworks Festival sales & specials will be available ALL DAY both before & after the show!

    At the Shoot Site
  • The festival is at the Southern Georgia Motorsports Park!
  • The shoot site will open at 1:30 for tailgating & parking (12:30 if you've purchased an early access pass).
  • All parking spots will be needed! Please keep your tailgate in front of or behind your vehicle. You may be asked to move if your tailgate is taking up extra parking spots. Please keep your area clean.
  • RVs & oversized vehicles that cannot fit into a single parking spot will be directed to a designated parking area.
  • Food & drinks will be available at the shoot site starting around 5:30pm
  • Fireworks will begin as soon as it's dark enough. Sunset is around 8:30pm, so we hope to start makin' noise around 8:45pm or 9:00pm.

    What to bring
  • Pens & pencils for taking notes.
  • Flashlights & headlamps.
  • Tailgate & picnic supplies.
  • Drinks & snacks.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • Sunscreen & hat.

Shoot List

We can't wait to see you at the 2022 Fireworks Festival!