The Top 10 Novelty Fireworks for 2022

From sparklers and handheld fountains to bang snaps and crackling balls, novelty fireworks provide spectacular ground displays for all kinds of celebrations. If you’re unsure what types of fireworks to include in your show to make it unforgettable, we've got you covered with the best ten novelty fireworks of 2022.

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Red Apple’s 10 Best Novelty Fireworks

Red Apple’s 10 Best Novelty Fireworks Take your celebration to the next level with this must-have selection of our best novelty fireworks. Enjoy sparklers, snappers, crackling balls, and more in vivid neon and stunning metallic colors. With thousands of handheld fireworks in each case, these display fireworks bring plenty of firepower to liven up the party.

14" Moon Flower Sparklers

With 1,000 sparklers per case, this mega pack boasts up to 30,000 seconds of performance time. Each 14-inch sparkler offers crackling and glittering effects in neon red, yellow, or green for handheld evening fun.

White Bang Snaps

These types of fireworks are especially big and loud, producing satisfying bangs in silver and white. With 10,000 snaps per case, these snaps offer tons of explosive fun for the whole family.

Sumo Snaps Adult Snappers

Time for a sumo smackdown! If you love huge snappers, you'll love our biggest ones yet. Each case offers 2,880 1-inch snaps that explode in fabulous gold, neon yellow, and white colors.

Neon Bang Snaps

Are you looking for a colorful experience? Look no further! These snaps are bursting with neon colors and produce powerful bangs. Each case comes with 10,000 snappers for near endless fun.

Rainbow Waterfall Handheld Fountain

This mega pack comes with 200 fountains total in five different neon colors for up to 4,400 seconds of fun. Each handheld firework shoots out a beautiful waterfall effect featuring a gorgeous fountain of sparks, pearls, and stars.

Neon Tubes Snaps

Get your game on with these colorful arcade-themed snaps! Pop 'em, snap 'em, and throw 'em for exciting multi-colored explosions and loud bangs. With 3,000 snappers per case, these neon snaps offer tons of firework fun.

Yin-Yang Sparklers

Add balance to your fireworks display with these yin-yang-inspired sparklers. Each 10-inch sparkler crackles in complementary gold and silver for up to 50 seconds. Light them up at night or during the day for an unforgettable experience.

18” Gold Metal Sparklers

Go for gold with these sensational metal sparklers. With 600 sparklers per case, each one offers up to 51,000 seconds of dazzling sparkling and crackling effects. These gorgeous gold sparklers make a great addition to any celebration.

Apple Bombs Crackling Balls

Who needs cherry bombs when you've got apple bombs? These barrage crackers explode in gold and neon blue, green, and red to put on an impressive low-level ground display of crackling and other explosive effects.

Magic Crackling Ball

Cast a spell on your audience with these magic balls! Light them up for an impressive low-level ground device with enchanting gold crackling effects. Each case comes with 1,152 magic balls to add to your collection.

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