We had to cancel our in-person Fireworks Festival this year, but that's not gonna stop us from rockin' the block & makin' some noise in the desert!

Thanks to today's technology & our awesome #pyrosquad™ over here in Pahrump, we've got it set up so that you'll have a front-row seat to all the action! We'll be launching more than 50 of your favorite fireworks & wrappin' it up with a HUGE fireworks finale! 

Check out these important DIGI-DEMO™ FAQs!

When is it all happening?!

We're gonna start lighting fuses on Saturday, May 9th, 2020 

What fireworks is Red Apple® shooting?

We'll be shooting more than 50 of your favorite fireworks from our own exclusive brands as well as Winda & Brothers! A full shoot list will be available on this page very soon!

What do I need to watch the show?

All you need is an internet connection! You'll be able to watch the show on pretty much any type of mobile device, desktop, laptop, even a VR headset!

 Where can I watch the show?

You can watch this A-MAY-ZING™ show on our YouTube channel or on our Facebook page!

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 What about those awesome Demo Day specials?

You're in luck! We've got more than 100 all new & absolutely A-MAY-ZING™ specials in the works! You'll be able to view them on our website very soon! All specials will be available for home delivery, local delivery & curbside pick up! 

Check out this all new 2019 Fireworks Festival Highlights video!